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Here’s Our Favorites In Selena Gomez New Makeup Line

Recently, Selena Gomez released a new makeup line called Rare Beauty (which is now in store at both Sephora and her website). In the past months, Selena Gomez talked about the struggles of mental health and how Rare Beauty will help to, “provide mental health services in underserved communities”. There’s a wide display of products in Rare Beauty ranging from forty-eight shades of foundation to liquid blushes. MDSUN is excited to discuss our favorite products in this line as well as give a few skincare tips along the way.

Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer

The Rare Beauty liquid luminizer or highlighter helps to make your skin dewy and fresh. This highlighter comes in eight different shades ranging from a nice white to a coral pink. Additionally, the formula works well for any-skin type and is long-lasting. Not only is this product vegan, paraben free, and cruelty free but it has water lily which helps with overall hydration.

Source: Rare Beauty


Rare Beauty Blot & Glow Touch-Up Kit

This blot and glow touch-up kit comes with both blotting paper and a powder puff that makes you oily-free all day. First, apply the blotting paper onto sections of your face. Then, seal it in with a powder puff for a smooth finish. Additionally, this touch-up kit makes your makeup last longer throughout the day.

Source: Rare Beauty


Rare Beauty Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm

If you’re looking for a high-quality but cheap lip balm, Rare Beauty is the way to go! The gratitude dewy lip balm contains warm nude colors and bright colors. These hydrating balms contain Shea Butter which helps to moisturize dry lips while still making you look cute.

Source: Rare Beauty


Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

When asked why Selena Gomez picked blush for her makeup collection, she stated, “There’s nothing like a soft hint of blush to add dimension and color to your look.” This perfect combination between both a matte and dewy finish will definitely make your makeup look polished and complete.

But before you put on blush, make sure to put on sunscreen either before as a primer or to finish off your makeup. MDSUN’S Antioxidant UV Protector SPF 50 is used for those with acne-prone skin to sensitive skin. This product contains Zinc Oxide 13.75%, Green Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol, Emblica, CoQ10, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. As this sunscreen is packed with a variety of vitamins, Green Tea Polyphenols is an amazing antioxidant which contributes well to anti-aging.


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