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How Retail Brands Are Changing the Perception of Masks

The pandemic has affected millions of lives worldwide and every day seems to be a reminder of how a few months ago, everything was different. Before, you could walk into your favorite restaurant and place a delicious order of sushi. Now, people are hesitant to walk into a restaurant without disinfecting the food, restaurant owners implemented safety regulations for customers to follow, and delivery app services are incredibly popular now more than ever.

Even when citizens walk inside a grocery store, clothing shop, or even a park – they have to remain six feet apart to respect social distancing. However, there is one striking feature in this pandemic – everyone is wearing a mask.

What is a Mask?

According to the California Department of Public Health, masks are, “A cloth face covering is a material that covers the nose and mouth. It can be secured to the head with ties or straps or simply wrapped around the lower face.” They also state that masks can be made out of anything, as long as an individual is keeping themselves protected from others.

While masks are required for the public’s safety, many retail brands are now seeing this as an opportunity to display their own designs of masks.

Source: United Nations


Retail Brands’ Masks

Ranging from colorful masks to athletic masks, here are a few selections of masks that you should keep an eye out for.


Lucky Brand

This brand offers versatility and function when it comes to wearing masks. The masks are reusable and can be tied however tight or loose. Not only does it come in two different colors (Multi and Chambray Blue) but for every five masks that you buy, Lucky Brand donates the money towards low-income areas.


Source: Lucky Brand


Susan Alexandra

Cute and friendly, these masks are amazing when wearing out to a nice picnic by the park. You can either choose the option of bow ties, flowers, or even both! Although this is on the pricier side, this is definitely one of the cutest masks out there.

Source: Susan Alexandra



One of the most famous sportswear companies in the world, Adidas is now offering masks that will help runners and athletes. It is especially hard to wear masks while exercising, but it is the most important to keep you and others safe during this time.

Source: Adidas


Lisa Say Gah

This mask prides itself in not only keeping you protected, but has an additional bonus. Now introducing the “Knit Mask & Knit Scrunchie Set” where you can now pair your new mask to an adorable scrunchie!

Source: Lisa Say Gah

Although masks can be fashionable and cute, they often have a more serious impact on your skin than one would think.


How Your Skin Is Affected By Masks:

As masks trap air when you breathe, the skin can easily be congested and more prone to irritation.

According to Suzan Obagi, a professor of Dermatology, she states, “If you have areas on your skin that are raw or chafed, apply an ointment to these areas after you are finished wearing your mask for the day and then reapply this ointment at bedtime.” After a long day outside in the heat, it is vital to take care of your skin.

MDSUN’s Clarifying Serum is the perfect product when giving life back to dull areas and especially helping with dark spots. This serum works well with oily, combination, pigmentation, and acne-prone skin. The key ingredients in this serum include Mandelic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, and Panthenol.

Mandelic Acid helps with the overall complexion of your skin and texture, Nicotinic Acid evens out your skin’s wrinkles as well as fighting against acne and rosacea, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid can help rejuvenate the skin, and Panthenol keeps your skin well-balanced and moisturized.

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