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How Tie-Dye Has Dominated Summer 2020

Looking back on nostalgic summers filled with watching Disney shows, throwing pool parties, and creating tie-dye outfits, it seems as though these small events were nothing more than simple summer experiences. Who knew that one of these would later become the next fashion statement? Tie-dye.

This trend first became noticed around late April, where celebrities like Emily Ratajkows and Madison Beer began wearing tie-dye. It wasn’t until later that online brands began picking up this new style. Fashion brands like PrettyLittleThing, ShadowHill, Pacsun were carrying new tie-dyed clothing in different colors. These clothes could be ranging from a nice lavender tint all the way to a clear sky blue.

Not only does tie-dye look adorable, but anyone can do it. So today, we’re going to be giving you instructions on how you can make a plain white sweatshirt turn into the next fashion piece and what celebrities are wearing this fashion piece.


How Does One Tie-Dye?

Before you begin tie-dying make sure to have gloves on so you don’t have dye all over your hands. Next, make sure to secure the piece of clothing you wish to dye and wrap it around with rubber bands. Finally, grab the desired color of dye and evenly distribute it around portions of the clothing.

Expect for you to have a full-fledged masterpiece waiting at the end of 6 to 8 hours!


Celebrities Wearing Tie-Dye

Jennifer Lopez jamming out in her tie-dye hoodie.

Source: Splash News


Madison Beer with her matching set.

Source: NyPost


Camila Cabello rocking out the classic blue and yellow.

Source: Backgrid


Halsey looking cute with her bold colors.

Source: Shutterstock


Art of Tie-Dye; Art of MDSUN

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