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Why Working-Out Is Essential During Quarantine

As COVID cases increase in the U.S, it is especially crucial during this time to be aware of your physical health. Whether that be eating healthy, facetiming your friends, or reading a book at home – these are all key steps in achieving a more balanced mind and body.

In addition, exercising has also been seen to reap great benefits and is one of these many key steps.

Why is Exercising So Important?

During quarantine, it may be easy to feel stress and anxious about the future. What will happen? Will there be a vaccine any time soon? What will the future hold? Although exercising will not directly solve your problems, studies prove that exercise can help relieve stress.

Not only does exercise help with depression and stress, but it also improves energy levels. High energy levels are essential for those who need to work and achieve more. This allows for one’s mood to not only be lifted, but to make sure they are fast and efficient.

As humans age, we tend to run into a lot of problems with our bodies. These variety of problems could be seen through the loss of muscle mass, increase of illnesses and diseases, and so forth. Exercise helps reduce these risks in the future so that we can achieve a longer and healthier life.

Besides having better sleep quality, memory, and health – exercise allows for you to cherish what your body can do and improve.


Workout Gurus To Get You Started

While everyone has a different goal on why they want to exercise (this could be either to lose weight, gain muscle, or just to stay fit), it may be hard to know where to start. However, here just a few fitness trainers that could definitely make your workouts a little more exciting.

Chloe Ting – Following her many *free* workout plans, Chloe Ting has recently been an inspiration on YouTube. This Australian gal posts daily content on working out as well as what she eats to keep herself healthy.

Source: Chloe Ting


Emi Wong – A fitness and lifestyle vlogger, Emi Wong has over two-hundred forty-four million views on YouTube. Emi Wong not only keeps others informed about how to achieve a healthy mindset, but touches on how to get lean muscle.

Source: Emi Wong


Madfit – Madfit or known as Maddie Lymburner, makes incredible workout videos that you can dance along to. Following her most recent video, “Rockstar” by Dababy, there’s nothing this girl can’t do!

Source: MadFit


After the Workout Procedure

After working out, the best thing that you would want to do is to wash your face. As sweat and bacteria can clog your pores, rinse your face with luke water and cleanse.

After you cleanse, you should use a toner to make sure that you are getting all of the dirt.

MDSUN’s Active Toner works well with oily or acne-prone skin. The main ingredients in this contain Provitamin B5, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera, Collagen, Orchid PHA HG Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Esculoside. While Aloe Vera helps to soothe acne, Cucumber Extract contains strong properties of Vitamin C to calm sensitive skin.

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