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How Thanksgiving Can Either Help or Wreck Your Skin

We all enjoy being grateful towards our family and friends, while stuffing our mouths with turkey and mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving is one of the most expensive holidays, where the grocery bill can go through the roof due to the large quantity of food. Some may say this time of the year can be the most exciting and nerve-wracking, but did you know that it can actually affect your skin?


Here are the most popular Thanksgiving meals that you will want to know about.


As Turkey seems to be the highlight of a classic Thanksgiving meal, turkey actually contains a wide variety of nutrients and benefits. Turkey has been seen to have a high production of Zinc and Niacin, which helps with collagen and skin moisture.

Mashed Potatoes

Although potatoes can be high in nutrients, mashed potatoes are often not. In most mashed potatoes recipes, there is a high use of salt, butter, and other ingredients that make this food extremely unhealthy.


Sweet Potatoes

Although mashed potatoes are unhealthy, sweet potatoes are not. Sweet potatoes contain a wide variety of health benefits ranging from promoting gut health, supporting healthy vision and immune systems, and contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is seen to help with skin growth and production.


It is no surprise that alcohol is a must avoid substance for skin issues. Alcohol is seen to, “bring the blood up to the tissue causing inflammation so that’s why it’s harmful to the skin. That can manifest in blotchiness, redness, ruddiness, and dehydration.” This can cause an abundance of skin breakouts if you’re not careful among consumption.



Treating your body and skin well on Thanksgiving is extremely important. Don’t be afraid to grab some salad, which can help increase hydration and synthesize collagen.


So after Thanksgiving, you should take care of your skin. MDSUN’s Brightener Serum helps with sun damage, dark spots, age spots, acne scarring and much more. This serum is targeted with those with dry, oily, combination, and pigmentation skin. The ingredients in this serum contain: Potassium azeloyl diglycinate, SL-Whiting ® 777, Liquorice Glabridin, Ellagic acid, Paper mulberry, Deoxyarbutin, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Panthenol, Lactobionic acid. As Ellagic acid helps with anti-aging, Ferulic acid helps with reduction of wrinkles.

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