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Your Skincare Routine on Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving is known for indulging our favorite meals, it may also be a busy day for those planning. Rushing to the grocery store, calling your overseas relatives, and designing the perfect Thanksgiving feast, are all errands that may be overwhelming for you. Fortunately, this time of year may seem to erase any time left to take care of your skin. However, with this simple three-step process, your skin will be left glowing as well as your family’s responses after they taste your Thanksgiving meal.


As your cleanser can be seen as a very underrated product in your skincare routine, it is actually one of the most effective. As previously mentioned in the MDSUN Cleanser article, cleansing helps to get rid of bacteria build up or dirt underneath your skin.


Not only does cleansing take very little time, but it helps to jumpstart your morning routine. You may either cleanse with a massaging brush, or with your hands – just make sure that you are not leaving any residue behind and washing your face thoroughly. A cleanser that we recommend is MDSUN’s Active Cleanser which works well for oily to combination skin. This product contains Glycolic Acid which helps with skin texture, and Provitamin B5 which calms down redness and inflammation.


Even if you have oily to dry skin, moisturizing is important to every skin type. However, it depends on the formula of the moisturizer (ex: if it is lightweight or heavy). Since our skin is constantly changing during different seasons, we should be constantly adjusting our skincare routine from lightweight to heavy.


MDSUN’s Super Intensive Moisturizer  works well for damaged to dry skin. This moisturizer contains caviar, which helps to restore your skin barrier, and panthenol to help hydrate your skin.


Finally, our routine ends on sunscreen. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, sunscreen can help to protect your skin against UV rays and damage. Sunscreen is a basic skincare product that you need to wear everyday.  MDSUN ANTIOXIDANT UV PROTECTOR SPF50 works well to combat sensitive to acne-prone skin. This formula contains Zinc Oxide which helps with skin irritations, and Resveratrol, which reduces redness.

After you finish this skincare process, you should feel a lot more relaxed about this hectic holiday. Thanksgiving is a day of planning, but should also be a day of fun. So while you reflect and give thanks with your friends and family, just remember to give thanks to your skincare routine.

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