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How To Decorate Your Room For Christmas

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year where we get to come together and celebrate. It reminds us to get gifts, Christmas trees, and cookies for one another. Besides being one of the most amazing holidays, this celebration comes with many preparations. MDSUN offers how you can decorate your room to get you and everyone else excited for Christmas.

(Small) Christmas Tree

It is a tradition for every family to get a Christmas tree in their home. However, what if you could get a Christmas tree just for your bedroom? There are many different shapes/sizes when it comes to purchasing a miniature Christmas tree, as well as ornaments to go along with it.

Holiday-Themed Plushies

What if you had plushies, but made them… Christmas themed? Putting a small Santa hat on top, getting costumes, or even buying them already Christmas-themed could create the perfect vibe for your room.

Fairy Lights

Not only will fairy lights add an elegant vibe to your room, but they are aesthetically pleasing. Fairy lights can be a huge building block to decorating the perfect Christmas-themed room. You can either hang them up on the wall or put them around your bed. It is up to you!


Candles are a must-have holiday essential. You can use candles year-round, but there are many shops that offer holiday edition candles. This includes peppermint, caramel, vanilla, and etc..


Pillow Cases

To complete this Christmas-themed room, add red/white/green pillows to your bed. You can either buy pillow cases in that color, or you can buy actual pillows. Additionally, you can buy these decorative pillows here.

Gift Guides List

You can set up a “gift-guide list” which lists out what gifts you want from your friends or family. This helps the process of shopping for you a lot easier, as well as giving you time to understand what you want. While others may want makeup, furniture, video games, some may crave skincare.

During winter time, your skin may feel dry and flaky. MDSUN’s Soothener helps with irritation, redness, and collagen. Additionally, this product works well with all skin types – ranging from dry to oily. The main ingredients in this are Purified Feverfew PFE, Avena Sativa Extract, K2, Gingko Biloba Extract, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Panthenol B5. Avena Sativa Extract is able to fight against dry or acne-prone skin, while Gingko Biloba Extract lessens wrinkles and helps with the skin’s overall complexion.

After you finish decorating your room, tag us @mdsunskincare so we can see the final product!

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