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Your 2020 Guide To Black Friday Shopping

We all know that if there’s anything in this world that everyone loves – it is shopping. Black Friday offers a bunch of items you can get half discounts and coupons from, and doesn’t only include clothing. This can extend from electronics, books, and even furniture. However, as much as we love sales, Black Friday can also be stressful if you don’t have a clear plan. MDSUN introduces: “Your 2020 Guide To Black Friday Shopping.”

Know Which Stores

The most important step in Black Friday shopping is to know which specific stores you like. First make a list, or reference guide of which shops you would want to look at. We recommend that you stay indoors and shop online. However, if you do want to shop at a mall, please follow COVID procedures and wear a mask at all times.


Stores’ Lists and Discounts

After you’ve created your list, you should look at the price point of different stores. While some may offer a 50% discount, others may offer a buy one get one free policy. Currently, there are still shops that are starting sales, even though it is not Black Friday.

Organize Your Wants vs. Your Needs

Maybe there’s an item that you’ve been keeping your eye on, or something that you desperately need but it was too expensive – Black Friday is the perfect time to give into these shopping cravings. Fortunately, be careful about what you want to spend. In addition to the stores’ list, make sure you also have a list of what you want/need the most versus what you don’t.


During this time of year, it is vital for you to save as much as you can so you can spend it on Black Friday. Budgeting is super important for knowing what your limit is, as well understanding what you’re willing to spend on certain items. For example, if you really want to purchase a flat-screen TV, know what the maximum is.


Get Sleep

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the mall or on your laptop, if you don’t have enough energy, you might miss out on the deals. As Black Friday items tend to sell very fast (because there’s a huge amount of people wanting the same thing), you are competing against a wide market. That means that you need all the sleep that you can get, to keep you well energized. The night before, you may even want to apply a serum just to make this event less stressful.


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