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How To Have The Best Picnic Ever

We understand that everyday may feel like a repeat – especially during COVID. Afterall, there’s not much to do when restaurants no longer offer outdoor-dining, our favorite places are closed, and baking is not as enjoyable as it used to be. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t creative ways to have fun. Here’s how you can have the best picnic ever.

Choose Your Picnic Aesthetic

There are many different picnic themes that you can choose from, if you’re someone who loves elegance, grab some white wine and get fancy cheeses. You can even get a picnic specialist/planner, which will help pick out your picnic aesthetic and location. However, if you would prefer a laid-back picnic, that’s totally fine too.



Select who you want to bring to the picnic. Would you rather this be something between your friends and family or with your significant other (of course, following covid-regulations).


What You’ll Need For The Picnic:

Before you can enjoy your picnic, there are several items that you may want to bring.


Blanket- This is for where you’ll be sitting for your picnic. You can either gather a big/small blanket depending on the quantity of people coming.

Basket- Baskets help to store food, utensils, or any other items that you would want to bring to your picnic.


Miscellaneous- In case you and your peers will get bored – bring board games, a disposable camera, or paint.


Location- Picking a location for your picnic is really important, you may either want to have ths picnic at a park or at the top of a lookout point.


Food-  Additionally, make sure to order before time for your picnic.

If you’re feeling extra fancy that day and want to take care of your skin, use MDSUN’s Brightener Serum.


As this serum works well for dry, oily, combination, and pigmentation skin and reduction of dark spots, the ingredients in this contain: Potassium azeloyl diglycinate, SL-Whiting ® 777, Liquorice Glabridin, Ellagic acid, Paper mulberry, Deoxyarbutin, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Panthenol, Lactobionic acid. As Liquorice Glabridin helps with dark spots, paper mulberry helps with skin brightening.

Picnics are always super enjoyable with the right people and food, we hope that these tips help for you to have a wonderful time.


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