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Why This New “Cake Trend” Is So Popular

Are you looking for a fun way to kill time? Are you someone that enjoys baking? Or do you just have a sweet tooth? Recently, there has been a “cake trend” on Tiktok, where users tag their favorite cake shops. However, there’s a twist – instead of the bold cakes that you usually see on your birthday – “lunchbox cakes” are completely different.

What are Lunchbox Cakes?

“Lunchbox cakes” are cakes that are minimalistic, small, and very cute. People who decorate these cakes, usually write in very neat handwriting and put small intricate designs. They can be anywhere from little frogs holding hands to just a simple smiley face. Additionally, they are different from regular cakes due to size and style.

Lunchbox cakes have recently been more popular on picnics as many Tiktok users tag their own creative lunchbox cake. (Hint: if you want to eat your cake in a creative way, grab a wine glass and puncture it through the cake, that way you can enjoy your cake while looking fancy!)

How To Make A Lunchbox Cake

There’s not anything tricky about lunchbox cakes except for the design. First, create a cake like you normally would. Then, we recommend grabbing a piping station with small tubes to create the handwriting of the cake. The approach that you want to go for is simple. Make sure to be very elegant and neat when creating your cake.

Lunchbox Cake Inspiration

Looking for inspiration? Here are some lunchbox cake designs that you can’t miss out on:


Recently, Buzzfeed created some fun designs ranging from strawberries to a simple “thank you!”


Oracle Cakes

The shop that started it all – Oracle Bakery is most famously known for their frog cakes.


Korean Minimalistic Cakes

If you’re looking for just plain but edgy cakes , then search for these type of lunchbox cakes!


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