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Why Anti-Aging Creams Are Not Only for Your Face

Let’s face it: Many of us take excellent care of our faces. We buy expensive creams and make microneedling and dermabrasion appointments. When it comes to the skin on the rest of us however, we mostly ignore it, pretending it doesn’t need the same attention and care. The fact is, the skin on our bodies needs to be cleansed, moisturized, and protected from sun damage — just as our faces do.

In the following paragraphs, we will go over how to take care of the skin below your chin by addressing how to treat sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, and — the main culprit — sun damage, without aggravating body acne.

Body Skin Care Products

The skin on the body has the potential to age as quickly as the skin on the face.

The skin on the body has the potential to age as quickly as the skin on the face. Neck skin begins to sag. The decollete area, if it’s been exposed to sun repeatedly, becomes mottled with hyperpigmentation (freckles and age spots) and fine, vertical lines begin to show. The shoulders, arms and legs (and stomach if you’re a bikini wearer) have the same propensity to become saggy and sun damaged, particularly because those parts of the body are exposed to sunlight all summer long. For those who live in warm and sunny climates, taking care of the skin on your body is even more important.

Few drugstore products will actually achieve results when it comes to turning back the clock on aging and sagging skin. What is needed are potent yet gentle treatments that will even out the skin tone, firm the parts of us that drag a bit, and a heavy-duty sunscreen that we can slather on daily for ultimate sun protection. MDSUN products were formulated by Dr. George Sun, a plastic surgeon based in southern California. Dr. Sun began his studies as a biochemistry major, then decided to pursue dermatology in med school. Using his expert knowledge of biochemical treatments and skin care, Dr. Sun came up with a unique technology called Ultrapack. These packs consist of different combinations of ingredients, designed to work together to provide the best quality skin care possible.

Treat your age spots or hyperpigmentation by putting a few drops of vitamin C brightening serum into your moisturizer each morning

To begin caring for your (outer) body, memorize these three words: Treatment, protection, and prevention. Treat your age spots or hyperpigmentation by putting a few drops of vitamin C brightening serum into your moisturizer each morning, and be sure to follow up with sunscreen. MDSUN carries two different types: Antioxidant UV Protector SPF 50, for acne-prone and sensitive skin, and Hydrating UV Protector, for skin that tends to be more dry.

Body Skin Care Tips

If you’ve neglected to engage in full-body skin care in the past, don’t despair. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind as you begin the path to full body rejuvenation:

      • Slather on the Sunscreen: Even if you spend most of your time in the shade, and even though it might seem like more of a pain than a precedent, apply sunscreen to exposed skin on a regular (that’s daily) basis, even if it’s cloudy. Sunscreen = the oldest anti aging trick in the book — use it!
      • Exfoliate regularly: It’s not just the bottoms of our feet that become dry and scaly in the winter months — it’s the elbows, knees, and even the chest. To keep the skin smooth and supple, use your favorite body scrub in the shower once a week, and daily if you tend to be drier. This will speed up cell turnover and improve circulation, which will give the skin a healthy glow. Exfoliating regularly will also allow for better product penetration.
      • Use a Firming or Antioxidant Moisturizer: We all know that skin looks better (more taut, more glowing, more radiant) after we hydrate. Treat yourself to a body moisturizer with antioxidant or anti aging properties before applying sunscreen, and don’t forget to pay special attention to elbows and knees.Our hands are often the first body part to indicate our age.
    • Don’t forget your hands: Dry, brittle nails (or worse yet, chewed cuticles)? Age spots? Our hands are often the first body part to indicate our age. Neglect these, and no matter how firm and radiant your face looks, your hands will give you away. Use cuticle oil on your nails at night, and remember to apply sunscreen on them before heading to the beach.
  • Take Care of Your Neck: Massage moisturizer onto the neck in upward strokes each night to prevent sagging.
    • Eat Smart: Load up on green vegetables and whole grains, olive oil and legumes. Don’t forget the fish — fish oil is an essential ingredient in anti aging skin care.
  • Get Some Exercise: Engaging in a regular exercise routine will not only keep your skin firm and toned, it will improve your circulation, clear away acne and provide you with a fresh glow.

Think you were taking good care of your skin before? Start integrating these habits into your regular skin care routine and watch your (full) body become healthier and younger looking. After all, it isn’t just your face that deserves to look its best.

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